About us

Mediastep is always proud of the first pioneer to bring advanced technology solution for more 18.000 businesses and sellers.

Realizing that many associations and communities are in need of building a complete and professional e-Commerce platform exclusively for their members, but face many difficulties because of the implementation time and large funding.

On the way to adapt with innovation, GoB2B was established to support you conquer the above goal in just 30 days. We commit that providing a platform with full features and strong performance, promote you to overcome all issues in building your own e-Commerce platform.

Let technology power help you conquer all targets on the business journey!

Why should you choose the GoB2B solution?


Help you build and possess your own e-Commerce fast on both website and mobile app in just 30 days.

Cost savings

Provide annual usage rights, offer free and unlimited hosting. Maximize cost savings.

Flexible customization

Update features and customize by your requirements to create a completed e-Commerce, in line with development orientation.

Continuous maintenance

Continuously check and maintain to ensure your e-Commerce platform operates throughout in the best way.

Own your own e-Commerce on both a website and a mobile app today

GoB2B helps to build your own e-Commerce on both website and mobile app. Bring the flexibility in management, convenience in discussions or trade for seller and buyer on the platform.

Full administration pages and features for both buyer and seller on the platform

Homepage - Where buyers and sellers connect

Homepage with a professional interface makes it easy for shoppers to search for products and suppliers, make orders, pay online, and track the status of their orders.

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Your Admin management page (Platform owner admin page)

Dedicated interface page for you - the platform owner with flexible features and management tools, helping you operate the e-Commerce platform in the most optimal way!

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Store management page for sellers

Dedicated interface page for seller on the platform with enough product, inventory, order management features and solving orders process simply- quickly!

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Be ready to build features by your own requirements!

In addition to the pre-integrated features of the software, GoB2B is always ready to support in building a user interface that aligns with your brand positioning. We can add specific features upon request, creating a fully customized e-Commerce platform according to your preferences!

Seamless support

One of the difficulties when building and operating an e-Commerce platform is the maintenance of the platform, ensuring that the platform always operates smoothly and updates new features in time. Don't worry, because we always have a team to accompany you throughout the operation!

How GoB2B has supported customers to build their own e-Commerce platform?


GoMUA is an e-Commerce platform developed by Mediastep company, to create a buying - selling platform with the best features for sellers - also our customers without any cost.

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The main goal when the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association builds an e-Commerce platform is to create an environment where members can freely exchange, buy and sell at competitive prices.

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Global Sale

Global Sale always wants to build a community of connection between producers, distributors and buyers. Aim for quality, affordable products with the highest discount for members of the community.

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Kick start building your own e-Commerce platform today