Develop on-demand additional features
for your e-Commerce platform

Develop on-demand additional features for your e-Commerce platform

We are ready to build management, operation, and market expansion features for your e-Commerce platform based on your ideas.

Besides the available features of the e-Commerce platform that we have built. If you have more ideas for your own platform, GoB2B is also ready to help you develop more custom features as your requirements to complete the features of the platform.

Why you should develop
exclusive custom features with GoB2B?

Whether you are an association, business community, or a small-scale private enterprise, regardless of size, if you have the desire, GoB2B can accompany you in building and developing e-Commerce platform features branded specifically for you rapidly - at reasonable costs.

Save time and cost

No need to invest in developing an IT team at a huge cost, GoB2B will quickly assist you in actualising any ideas for developing new features for your branded e-Commerce platform at the best cost.

Commitment to quality

GoB2B ensures a development roadmap and perfects custom features for your platform, prioritizing both quality and timeline. We always listen to and respect every customer's idea to provide the best solutions.

Unlimited features

With just an idea, the GoB2B team can build and develop custom features with a clear roadmap, enhancing a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers on the platform.

24/7 seamless support

No need to have in-depth technical expertise because the GoB2B team will provide detailed guidance and regular training for free. In addition, we offer detailed advisory support for the platform's development roadmap and problem resolution 24/7.

No matter how an e-Commerce platform you want to create
GoB2B can still hellp you complete your idea

Just provide GoB2B with the ideas and features you desire, we will help you integrate them immediately to support the easy development and operation of your e-Commerce platform.

Suggestions for a customizable set of utility features for platform owners

Management and operation features

Develop comprehensive management tools to simplify platform operations, even if you don't have any programming technical knowledge.

  • Integrate analytics and reporting on buyer traffic, the number of new business registrations on the platform, and summarize seller commissions, allowing you to quickly grasp the platform's business situation.
  • Build a rating feature for buyers, giving you control and manage the quality of active sellers on the platform.

Marketing feature

Build tools to support marketing platform and attract sellers, buyers and visitors trading directly on your platform

  • Link CRM tools for easy management of seller information, serving marketing to the right target, at the right time to optimize advertising budgets.
  • Create and manage free automated remarketing campaigns to sellers to renew subscription packages when due.

Suggestions for a customizable set of utility features for sellers on the platform

Help active sellers on the platform easily reach and conquer customers, multiplying both their access and revenue, and your e-Commerce platform.

Intergrate comprehensive SEO

Supports sellers in optimizing automatic SEO when updating their storefronts and product information to increase visibility to buyers on search engines.

Multiple marketing tools to stimulate demands and sales

Intergrate and customize smart automated marketing features for free such as creating discount codes, combo deal, flash sales, email marketing, etc., to reach and stimulate buyers to shop more and faster.

"Close deals" faster in livestream sessions

Help your platform keep up with the trend, support sellers in closing more deals during livestream sessions, attracting buyers as well as increasing outstanding revenue.

Returns - Refunds

When facing issues with an order and desiring a return/refund, buyers can directly contact the seller for prompt resolution. All information regarding the order and inventory will be automatically updated, making it easy for sellers to track.

The process of developing custom features
for your e-Commerce platform


Get ideas and confirm features.


Build a roadmap for each detailed stage.


Focus on developing features based on a unified roadmap.


Intergrate data and apply it into the platform.


Maintenance, consultation and development.

Grow your own customized e-Commerce platform with the GoB2B solution today!