Ensure smooth shopping experiences for buyers
on your professional e-Commerce platform

The platform is designed to suit the shopping needs of the majority of customers

Sign up for an account to shop easily - quickly

With just a few taps, buyers can register and shop on the e-Commerce platform.
  • Buyers can select the registration tab right at the homepage of the platform, set up the necessary information and proceed with the purchase immediately.
  • Purchase account information will be saved automatically. The next time buyers can access it, no need to sign in again.
  • Flexibly support language conversion of Vietnamese - English, helping buyers exchange without any intangible barriers.

Enhance shopping experience on e-Commerce platform

Offer convenience and flexibility for buyers to shop on both popular platforms.
  • Website
  • App

Find a variety of products and suppliers

Homepage is designed to be visually appealing with full toolbar and well-designed categories, enabling buyers to find products actively and sellers' information quickly.
  • Buyers can easily search for products through the search toolbar, or through product categories, tools that filter by product category and region. Detailed descriptions, images, prices will be displayed objectively.
  • All details about sellers and products in their stores will be clearly displayed, giving buyers peace of mind when deciding to shop.

Share product links on social media platforms

If you encounter any problems related to goods information or the order process, the buyers can actively negotiate and exchange with the sellers quickly via live chat.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Track and manage order details

Buyers can actively update details of each stage of the order from order confirmation to order receipt.
  • Track order status

    Buyers can track the order and shipping status to actively receive the goods.
  • Review purchase history

    Access your transaction history to review previous transactions and send feedback as well as product reviews.

Integrated diverse payment and shipping options enhance the shopping experience

Customers can easily shop, freely choose the shipping method and pay as soon as they make an order.


    • COD
    • ATM card
    • MoMo wallet
    • Debit card/ Credit card
    • Bank transfers


    • Self-delivery
    • Ahamove
    • VNPost
    • GHN
    • GHTK

How will the customer's purchasing journey
on your platform?

Access and search

Customers access your platform, easily search, and view product details using keywords on the search bar, filtering options, regions, and categories.

Sign up and sign in to make purchase

Buyers access your platform to sign up or sign in to make purchase.

Enter the required information

Buyers need to fill in personal information (name, phone number, address).

Choose payment and shipping methods

Choose the right payment and shipping unit with a variety of methods integrated on the platform.

Confirm order

Confirm orders and track them directly on the platform.

Begin to build your own platform right now!