Buid and grow e-Commerce platform
on your own way

Buid and grow e-Commerce platform on your own way

GoB2B supports all aspects of building, operating, and managing your e-Commerce platform

Proactive management

Allow you to customize and configure elements on the platform to develop it in the right specific direction.

Easy to use

User-friendly and intuitive interface making it easy for you to manage and operate the platform without needing programming technicalities.

Strict control

Easily manage all seller and buyer accounts on the same admin page.

Proactively verify funds on the platform

Allow you to set the commission rate received from sellers after each transaction. Proactively verify funds for sellers on the platform.

Freedom to request the setup of suitablepayment and shipping methods

Quickly respond to requests to enable/disable integrated payment/shipping methods within GoB2B. All fees paid by buyers through COD and online gateways will be transferred to you, allowing you to proactively control and pay sellers.

Multiple payment methods

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit card
  • MoMo wallet
  • ATM
  • COD

Multiple shipping methods

  • Self-delivery
  • Ahamove
  • VNPost
  • GHN
  • GHTK

Freedom to customize banner display on the platform

You can make money from banner advertising on the platform.

Customize the primary and secondary banners on your platform to attract users.

Easily navigate customers by linking banners directly to sales or product page which you want to market for sellers or for your own program.

Freedom to set display duration and order of primary and secondary banners on the platform according to your marketing strategy.

Easy management - Smooth operation
from seller account to buyer account

Allow you to manage all activities of sellers and buyers, from approving registrations to setting up sales commissions on the platform, with just a few simple steps.

Manage seller account

Allow you to approve or reject a seller's store joining your platform. All seller account information will be updated and saved in the admin page for tracking purposes.

  • Set up registration packages

    GoB2B supports you in creating diverse registration package for your storefront on the platform, with separate fees and conditions for sellers, ranging from basic to advanced.

  • Approval rights for sellers on the platform

    All information submitted by sellers through the platform's homepage will be centralized on your platform's admin page, making it easy for you to manage and approve business packages on the platform with just one click.

  • Commission setup

    You can flexibly create and edit the commission percentage for sellers on the platform. The commission of all sellers will be visually displayed on the administrative system.

Manage buyer account

All buyer information on the platform, including customer ID, name, email, etc., is updated and securely stored directly on your admin page.

  • Automated account browsing

    Allow you to proactively set up the permitted email domain for participation in the platform, enabling the system to automatically approve buyer account.

  • Freedom to use email domain

    Easily apply approved email domain for the buyer account.

  • Clear information storage

    All approved email domains with related information will be promptly saved in the system.

If you wish to integrate any additional features into the GoB2B platform, we are ready to assist you with the standard process

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