GoB2B provides a dedicated management site
for sellers on your e-Commerce platform

GoB2B provides a dedicated management site for sellers on your e-Commerce platform

Assist businesses in building storefronts, conducting efficient operations, and managing effectively on your B2B e-Commerce platform.

Attract a diverse range of sellers with outstanding benefits

Sell on an account

Simply log in with the authorized seller account provided, and sellers can have full control over their sales information on your e-Commerce platform.

Grow order conversion rate

Support you to code more on-demand Marketing features to help sellers reach customers, promote brands and sell better.

Easy to use

Smart, easy-to-understand, easy-to-manipulate navigation helps sellers easily build booths and sell on your e-Commerce platform.

Boost sales volume

Provide detailed revenue reports to help sellers identify best-selling products on the platform, enabling them to enhance import and marketing strategies.

Your sellers are free to build their storefronts on the platform with just a few simple steps

Sellers can easily create and manage booths with names, brand logos, banners, and store descriptions.

Sellers can manually set up the URL link to their online store on your platform.

Allow sellers to update contact information on their storefront with address, hotline and email.

Sellers are free to create, post and manage completed and detailed product information to the store on the platform.

Manage all sales activities on the platform comprehensively

Check and reconcile products without errors

  • Sellers can create, update, manage products daily.
  • Support smart filters, help sellers search and filter products easily.
  • Allows sellers to export product listings to Excel files for checking.

Track and manage order details

  • All orders/return orders will be centrally stored on the admin page, making it easy for sellers to access and search for orders.
  • The detailed management system, tracking the status and progress of each order, becomes clear and transparent.
  • Sellers can create and manage returns. The system will automatically update the warehouse when the application is successfully returned.

Update inventory flexibly - accurately

  • Help sellers track and manage inventory quantities in real-time in the most accurate way.
  • Quickly search, filter, and statistics products with low inventory to promptly import goods to sell to customers.
  • Automatically update inventory quantities accurately in real-time when there are fluctuations in orders or returns.

Sellers can easily manage and group customers

  • Automatically store and synchronize customer information shopping on the platform centrally for sellers to conveniently manage.
  • All customer data will be constantly and accurately updated by the system in real time.
  • Help marketplace sellers reach their target customers successfully with intelligent customer filtering and grouping.
  • Sellers can import/export customer lists with Excel files, optimizing customer database management performance.

Diverse payment and shipping methods

Provide sellers with a variety of payment and shipping methods when doing business on the platform, which are actively regulated by the e-Commerce owner in the process of building their e-Commerce platform.

Visual and accurate report analysis

  • Allow sellers to view statistics on revenue, orders, best-selling products, profits, etc. at specific intervals.
  • View business reports by platform (website and app) to capture the business picture from overview to details.
  • Provide a chart of the revenue rate, with orders to track business growth to promptly come up with appropriate strategies.

Unleash creativity by customizing features to meet requirements and align with your e-Commerce platform

Beyond the listed features, GoB2B is always ready to help create additional features as needed, enabling your sellers to engage with customers and operate more efficiently on your e-Commerce platform.

Build your own e-Commerce platform today!